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    *** Meet Maxine and Sandi ***

    JOHAYDEN is pleased to welcome Sandi and her Charming friends to our website! Sandi has been selling Charming Tails since 2002 and has gained a vast knowledge on all of her friends.

    Sandi's charming family begins with mice, Mackenzie and Maxine (pictured to the left) with child Meredith. Bunnies Binkie and Bunnie and Squirrels Sebastian and Sabrina like to visit often! Chipmunk Chauncey, Raccoon Reginald and Skunk Stewart seem to only show up at dinner time. Lydia and Lancelot Ladybugs and Sydney the Snail can often be found hiding among her shelves, while Belle the Bluebird watches proudly as Sandi "pecks"away at her keyboard with two fingers!

    Are you looking for something special? Sandi has many sample and prototype Charming Tails in stock!

    As the new Charming Tails are being introduced, I will be adding more pages to the website. Please click here to find the pages that have been listed.

    You can also find the Charming Tails from Sandi on eBay.

    Contact Sandi at

    Welcome Sandi! (aka mom)
    Denise :o)